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St. Ita's Staff Charity Challenge- March 2021

Trocaire 2021- 


We cannot complete our Trocaire campaign this year like we normally would in school but we can still take part. 


The link below will take you to the Trocaire website where you will find primary school resources which show positive and diverse stories to explore the lives of young people and families in the developing world. These resources support and encourage young people in Ireland to better understand the challenges facing many people around the world.


These resources feature age-appropriate images and creative activities linked to the primary curriculum, as well as providing background inform.


You will also find some interesting videos from Trocaire about the campaign this year.

Fairtrade Fortnight (22nd February-7th March 2021)


This Fairtrade Fortnight, schools and families across the UK will come together to learn about, and celebrate, the people who grow our food and drink and explore the topic of ‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’. Young people will have the opportunity to discover how their choices as individuals can make a difference to the lives of people around the world and the planet we share. #ChooseTheWorldYouWant