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St. Ita’s Primary School has been part of the Sustrans Active School Travel Programme for a number of years!


We have teamed up with the country’s leading sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, to encourage more journeys to school by foot or wheels. Active travel, such as cycling, walking and scooting to and from school, has a range of benefits including:

• improving health through physical activity;
• promoting independence;
• improving safety awareness;
• benefiting the environment;
• reducing the number of cars around the school gates, making our school safer for everyone.

We will be working closely with Iain Sneddon, our Sustrans Active Travel Officer, who will help us promote active travel throughout the year:

• organising activities and events to encourage pupils to cycle, scoot and walk to school;
• offering cycling training to help pupils ride safely and feel more confident on their bikes;
• working to get better facilities, including bike and scooter parking;
• working with parents and carers so that they can help support the programme.

We understand cycling or walking to school is not easy for every family, and there will be opportunities for all children to participate in some activities.

Parents can help by accompanying their children to and from school and ensuring children are wearing helmets and bright clothes to help them be seen by other road users. The decision as to whether a child is competent to cycle, scoot or walk to and from school rests with the parents/carers.

If you are interested in helping out or have any questions about the project, please get in touch. You can also support this initiative by watching out for cyclists and pedestrians on your journey to school.

We look forward to seeing more children and parents/carers cycling, walking and scooting to school this year!

St. Ita's achieves Active Travel Bronze Mark School Award

We received great news from Claire Lundy last week when she told us that all our hard work with Sustrans last year was being rewarded. The dedication of our pupils and staff members meant that we achieved the Active Travel Bronze Mark School Award.


This is a fantastic achievement for St Ita's first year with the programme.


Well done to all involved.