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P5 Lagan College Science Day

The Primary Five Year Group took part in an exciting workshop on flight on Tuesday 7th June, kindly facilitated by Lagan College.


It involved the children in a variety of experiments including exploding a balloon full of hydrogen which made a huge bang, a hover gravitor which moved some of the children across the hall and a wind bucket (which even the teachers participated in) where you had to blow out some candles, however only Miss Magill was successful.


The children's favourite experiment took place in the playground where each class launched a rocket which catapulted 40-50 metres into the air. A few of us had to dodge the descending rocket!

It was a very informative and interesting day that was great fun for everyone.

There are photos and videos below and examples of some of the brilliant work the pupils of the P5 aeronautical engineers of the future


Flight Distance Challenge

P5's Wonderful Work