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World of Bikes

World of Bikes episode 1 - KIDS BIKES!

Hey everyone, here is the first video in our World of bikes series. This week we focus on kids bikes and look at balance bikes, kids bike seats, mini pedal b...

World of Bikes episode 2 - ADVENTURE BIKES!

Hey everybody!In this week's video we learn about different kinds of road bikes, touring bikes for multi day rides, and ADVENTURE BIKES!Hope you enjoy, stay ...

World of Bikes episode 3 - BMX BIKES

Hey everyone, we made it on to the track!Check out this video which looks at the sport of BMX riding, the safety gear used, and how you can get started.The b...

World of Bikes episode 4 - MOUNTAIN BIKES!

Hi everyone!Lets learn about the sport of MTB and then take one of the bikes for a spin!

World of Bikes episode 5 - TRIALS BIKES

Hey everyone!This week we take a look at trials bikes and the sport of trials. Thanks very much to our special guest Lucy who shows some excellent bike skill...

World of bikes episode 6 - ELECTRIC BIKES

Hey everybody, here iis an interesting type of bike that is becoming ever more popular. Who knows, maybe we will be seeing more kids E-Bikes in the future!Wa...