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Paws B

What is Paws .b?


Paws .b introduces mindfulness to children in Primry 4 to 7 and is delivered in the classroom as a series of lessons. We have been very lucky in St. Ita's to have had some of our pupils go through the Paws. b programme. Here are some of the things they learned.


  • Skills for greater happiness and well-being.
  • Strategies for relaxing and finding peace and calm.
  • Healthy coping strategies for stress, anxiety and every day worries.
  • Better focus - supporting learning, behaviour, performance and decision making.
  • Improved relationships with peers, teachers and family.
  • Understanding of one’s own mind and what makes for a happy, healthy person.


You can use some of the resources below to practise the Paws. B techniques at home.

Use the techniques below and take a few minutes when you feel stressed or worried to breathe calmly and reassure yourself that everything will be OK.