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Pupil Representatives

St Ita's Student Council

The Student Council has regular meetings to discuss school events and school improvements. We share ideas, make plans, and set tasks to help us achieve these goals. St Ita’s Student Council members have an invaluable role in representing the voice and opinions of all children within our school.  


St Ita’s Student Council consists of one representative from each class from Primary 4 to Primary 7.  Each member was elected by their classmates following a short presentation explaining why they feel they should be elected. 

St Ita's Digital Leaders

St Ita’s Digital Leaders are responsible for acting as the represented student body for all aspects of UICT. They assist the ICT Co-Ordinators in trialling new software, equipment and apps to use throughout the school.

They act as trained leaders in helping their teacher’s and fellow students with UICT tasks and technical support. They meet regularly with Mr Murphy to report any issues with UICT tasks, equipment or to work on their monthly focus for the Digital Leaders team. Throughout the year the Digital Leaders team have the opportunity to visit the Apple Store to develop their skills for our School Development Plan UICT targets and receive regular training from Mr Murphy.

At the start of each year P4 to P7 pupils elect a boy or girl from their class to represent them on the Digital Leaders team.

St Ita's Eco Committee


St. Ita’s Eco-Committee consists of class representatives from P4-P7 who have been chosen by their peers. The Eco-Committee meet monthly with Mrs Cleland to discuss key issues within the school and how we can improve upon these. 


Each week the committee carry out important tasks such as emptying the recycling bins, monitoring food waste and  completing energy surveys.


We pride ourselves in keeping our school environment clean and litter free.


In March 2019, our Eco-Committee received the prestigious Ambassador School Award. The award recognises excellence in the Eco-School’s programme and is a tremendous achievement for our school!