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Ashtyn Wins Newsdesk ‘Happiness’ Competition

Ashtyn Wins Newsdesk ‘Happiness’ Competition

Primary school pupils from all over Northern Ireland were invited by C2K NewsDesk to participate in a competition called ‘Happiness’. The pupils had to write in detail using good adjectives and adverbs about the things that make them feel happy. They also had to find photos of things that make them feel this way and upload them to the C2K NewsDesk.

Out of approximately one thousand entries Ashtyn (P5) came joint FIRST with four other pupils. What a tremendous achievement! David Huntley, Editor of the C2K NewsDesk, arrived in school during the week to present Ashtyn with her prize. Five pupils from St Ita's were runners up in the competition, Aoife, Bláthnait, Ciara, Conor and Gabriel. They did so well. David is really impressed with the quality of comments St. Ita’s boys and girls are uploading to NewsDesk. Lets keep up the excellent work!

Congratulations Ashtyn and to everyone else who participated in the competition. A pupil from St. Ita's uploaded the comment below about the  'Happiness' Competition:


St Ita's Primary School

Congratulations to everyone who won or was a runner up!! I bet it was extremely hard for C2K Newsdesk to choose. I would also like to say well done to everyone who entered the competition because they must’ve put a lot of effort into it.  People don’t actually know how much effort and care everyone on Newsdesk put into their work, sometimes it’s not just about winning, it is about PARTICIPATING and trying your very very best! Some people have happy moments but if you lose it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day you had fun, tried your best and it might be your day another day. I would like to say again well done to whoever won or who was a runner up!!