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LOGAN and FINN Watson (P1) star in Game of Thrones!!

LOGAN and FINN Watson (P1) star in Game of Thrones!!


Twins, Logan and Finn Watson from P1 were lucky enough to be cast in Game of Thrones Season 8.


Please view the attached images and it will paint a picture of the part they play, ‘Little Sam’.


Please click on the links below to view their Wikipedia and IMDB pages outlining their parts in the show.



As you can imagine both Mum and Dad are very proud of their achievement especially as they were only 3 ½ when they filmed everything. They spent a week in the Dungeons of Shanes Castle, scary enough for an adult never mind two toddlers!


We, in St. Ita’s are so proud of Logan and Finn and their wonderful acting success at such a young age. To be part of the global phenomenon that is ‘Game of Thrones’ is unbelievable!


Who knows what lies ahead for these two young boys. Hollywood may be calling very soon!


We wish them every success in their future acting careers. Well done boys; you are absolute stars!