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P6 Pupils attend United Nations Celebration!

P6 Pupils attend United Nations anniversary celebrations on the Rights of the Child

Thursday 20th November this year, was an extremely important date as it was the 30th anniversary of the UN General Assembly adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The UK government signed up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in 1991.


The UNCRC is a list of 42 promises made by Governments from almost all countries (except the USA and South Sudan) in the UN to children and young people, including the right to education, equal treatment and the right to an opinion. All governments who have signed the UNCRC are supposed to work to make it part of their law.  


The UNCRC has inspired Governments to change laws, strategies and policies as well as spending money so that more children get the services they need to live and develop. It also means that more children have their voices heard and are able to have a say in decisions that affect them.


Mr McConville’s P6 class attended the anniversary celebrations at the W5 Centre. Over two thousand children from schools throughout NI also attended.


Emily ,from Mr McConville’s class,  presented a speech on Children’s Rights at ‘Speakers Corner’.

She was absolutely brilliant and she spoke with such expression and clarity. Those listening gave Emily a fantastic round of applause and she so deserved it. Her speech was well planned and she made her points so clearly. Well done Emily!


It was a great day and the pupils so enjoyed the celebrations. One child even remarked that it was the best day out that she ever had.


For more information on the UNCRC, please use the link below: