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Science Week in Primary 7

During Science week the Primary 7s have been exploring John Boyd Dunlop and his invention of the pneumatic tyre.


The children created advertisements in literacy using the persuasive techniques they have been learning about in the ‘Writing to Discuss’ Unit. Can you spot the range of features they have used?


On Monday we marked International Women and Girls in Science Day by learning about the amazing work of Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her discovery of Solar Pulsars. Mrs Fogarty took each of the Primary 7 classes for a lesson on unconscious bias and how many people make judgements about certain careers without even realizing it. We learned that when Jocelyn went to Secondary school the girls were not allowed to study Science. Thankfully, due to her parents’ objection, the school allowed Jocelyn to study Science. The children took the role of Jocelyn’s parents and constructed arguments to persuade the school to allow Jocelyn to take part in Science Lessons. The children’s arguments were articulate and well informed! Well done primary 7!