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Tana's Mummy visits Miss Kettle's P2

On Thursday 13th September the boys and girls in Miss Kettle's class welcomed  some very special visitors to their classroom - 27 teddy bears AND Tana's Mummy! 
The current P2 topic is 'People Who Help Us' and so the boys and girls loved listening to Nurse Scott and took the opportunity to ask her lots of tricky questions about her job.


Nurse Scott was very kind and gave everyone in the class a bandage and a syringe which they quickly put to good use with their "sick" teddy bears.  The boys and girls could be heard whispering words of encouragement to their teddy bears as they gently wrapped their broken limbs in bandages and gave them their injections.


Thankfully all 27 teddy bears  are recovering well  ...thanks to the wonderful training provided by Tana's Mummy.

Thank you Nurse Scott!!!