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Aidan's mum visits Miss McQuaid's P2 class

On Tuesday 18th September Miss Mc Quaid’s class were delighted to welcome Doctor Ceara into their class to talk about her very important job of being a doctor.


The children had lots of fun exploring in Doctor Ceara’s special bag as well as getting to see how some very important equipment was used; such as a stethoscope, an Aero chamber and an Epi-pen.
Some of the children had great fun helping ‘Winnie the Pooh’ get a puff from his inhaler to help his asthma.
Doctor Ceara was very generous and gave all the children their own stethoscope, syringes and a special ‘Dr Badge’ to keep at home.


The boys and girls would like to thank Aidan for inviting his mummy in to speak to the class, and say a big thank you to Doctor Ceara for answering all of their tricky questions about doctors!!!